The Tao of Sexology by Stephen T. Chang

I ordered this book whilst I was reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. There was a chapter that intrigued me called The Mystery of Sex Transmutation, and in it Hill proposed that sexual desire was the most powerful of all desires, and as such, any man – or woman – who was able to find an outlet to channel this energy into a creative endeavour would lift him, or herself, to the status of genius.

I’ll have a bit of that!

So I decided to experiment a little. My partner was working in Europe and so I decided to abstain from masturbation for 31-days. My theory was that if I didn’t release my sexual energy then I would become more creative. As I got deeper into the 31-days I spiced things up a bit by deliberately turning myself on, but stopping when I was about to reach orgasm. It was at this time that I developed an acute case of blue balls and took to the Internet to investigate this problem a little further. It was during this research that this book was recommended.

The Tao of Sexology is a very strange book. I hate to use that word, but that’s exactly how I found it. It made me stop and think, it made me curious and sometimes it made me laugh harder than I have done in a long while. The Tao of Sexology teaches you that sex is vital to humanity’s mental wellbeing. It believes there are two types of sex: good and bad; advises you to avoid the bad and provides a lot of tips, and techniques, to improve your skills and adeptness in the good.

Taoism is essentially a means for attaining longevity, health, mental and spiritual wellbeing, and immortality – or everlasting life – Dr Stephen T. Chang

That above quote is taken from the book and it is highlighted because Chang believes that there is a direct correlation between sex and your lifespan.

The only difference between the corpse and the living being is the amount of energy present in the body.

That definition is from the book and I find it quite hard hitting. I mean who doesn’t want to live forever? Who doesn’t want to be Connor MacLeod from the Clan MacLeod?

If a good supply of energy stops you from becoming a corpse then you want to take steps to ensure that you retain all of the energy you have; and unhealthy sexual practices waste vital amounts of energy. Take semen as an example. According to scientific study (that would have been one hell of a sight) a man loses about one tablespoon of semen when he ejaculates. The nutritional value of that amount of semen is equal to two pieces of steak, ten eggs, six oranges and two lemons combined. That includes proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. A friend of a friend also told me that a good supply of pineapple makes it taste yummy as well.

So the Tao of Sexology teaches you that ejaculation is a bad thing. If you can’t ejaculate then the next best thing is to learn to injaculate. I remember reading once that Sting had learned to do this and I was in awe of him believing that he just controlled his ejaculation with a jedi mind trick or something. Since reading the book I have also learned to injaculate and there is nothing ‘yoda’ about it. I’m not sure if injaculation makes me more creative or not. I know that during my 31-days of non-masturbation I felt incredibly creative and was able to write creatively for 12-hours, but I haven’t really noticed any difference since learning to injaculate. Unfortunately, I find that injaculation decreases the power of the orgasm and so I am not entirely sold on the idea just yet.

As you would imagine the book also covers the anus, vagina, breasts and everything else you can conjure up in your mind when you think about sex. It also advises you never to have sex on a battleground or during a hurricane – I mean where else would you find such priceless advice? There are plenty of sexual exercises to try that will aid your healing, and all the guys would be glad to know that the penis never stops growing! There are lessons on how to turn your penis into a mushroom shape (girls love that apparently) instead of a pencil shape (girls do not love that).

So the book has made me quite busy with cleaning my anus in sunlight, milking my penis, injaculating, massaging my prostate and learning how to deliver the advanced superior orgasm. Never a dull moment in Dr Stephen T. Chang’s life; or mine for that matter!

If you are interested in sex (and who isn’t) then this is a very interesting book. Whether or not you believe in a lot of the teachings is irrelevant; you will learn a great deal about, not just your body, but your partners too, and it will provide you with plenty of advice and experiments to bring you closer to your loved one.

You will also have a right laugh along the way.

Have you ever experienced any Taoist teachings and if so how did they benefit your life?

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  1. I managed the injaculation once: thought I experienced a green light vaguely inside me or around. The Deer Exercise doesn’t appear to do owt. The principles laid down by Dr Chang certainly help one control Lust.

    • Hi Karakal,

      I have done the injaculation technique on several occasions, and whilst it does work, I find that it affects the quality of my orgasm, so I don’t do it anymore.

      I did the other techniques, but didn’t maintain them long enough to have any evidence that any of them work.


  2. what if the quality of your orgasm is meant to be higher when ejaculation ocurs due to the women being involved and thats part of love, this teaches you to stimulate yourself to a level that maintains mind body and spirit, its a whole mentality to achieve this, being one with yourself,if your chasing a feeling then essentialy your mentally already off track

    • Lee Davy says:

      Hi Jeremy,

      So much has changed in my life since I first read this book. I don’t masturbate at all now. There are times when I will be triggered, but I find the challenge interesting. Since I no longer have any issues with my alcohol abuse I believe the urge to masturbate helps me understand craving/addictions/needs more. It also keeps me focused on my wife, and not on other women/imagery; I haven’t watched pornography for well over a year now also. I think these changes have been good for me.


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