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When I was 10-years of age I won my first ever trophy when my beloved 7th Reddish under 11’s football team came runners-up in the Supplementary Cup against West End. I can still remember the size and shape of the trophy as if it were in my hands right now. I won many more trophies for football thereafter but none were as special as that first one.

During my time on the rail roads our CEO created an EWS Awards scheme. It was our Oscars, with the very best in the business being honoured for exceptional work over the previous 12-months. I was nominated – and won – an award for Excellence Towards Cost Control. It was an amazing experience to be honoured amongst your peers in an awards ceremony and once again I was a very proud and happy person.

Nearly two-years ago I quit that life on the railway for something new. I decided that I was going to become a poker player and writer. I chose those professions because I felt they gave me the greatest opportunity to earn money and build time to carve out my future in the world. A future where I helped people transform their lives. One of the outputs of my decision to write has been this blog, and today three people have nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger award. I feel like I have received my third milestone trophy and it has come at a great time in my life. For that I wish to thank the following people who nominated and urge you to check out their blogs.

Freelance Writer Peggi Tustan

Artist and Author Pat Garcia

Author Linnea Larsen

As part of the award process I would like to tell you seven random things about myself.

1. When I was in junior school, in England, I was the leader of the band in the school production of Pied Piper Rock and I even played the drums.

2. I once played The Artful Dodger in a school production of Oliver Twist.

3. I spent my final school year teaching myself how to learn English because my English teacher refused to teach me. I received a B grade in English Literature, Language and the top grade in English Oral.

4. I have never met my biological father.

5. I have two tattoos (one on my calf and one on my chest). The tattoo on my chest should say Lee but whenever I see anyone Chinese they say it means Big One.

6. The only food product I cannot eat is a Brussel Sprout.

7. When I was a child I once went looking for Christmas presents with my next door neighbour. We found a huge black bag full of them and opened up the computer games, exchanged them for old ones and wrapped them back up again.

Now I would like to make my nomination for the Beautiful Blogger award and then also list my short-list of the best seven blogs that I visit on the Internet.

In my opinion the most beautiful blog on the internet, and therefore the most beautiful blogger, belongs to Julie de Waroquier. When I first stumbled across this blog I had one of those experiences in life that are unfathomable. I just froze, mesmerised by the beauty of her work. So please head over to her site Julie de Waroquier Photography and be spellbound just like I was.

A close runner up was the blog of professional poker player Phil Galfond. His blog is so much more than just a poker blog. The man is something special and I just love the way he talks about his life with full disclosure. Please check out Phil Galfond, and his thoughts, on his amazing blog.

Here are the other five blogs that make up my shortlist for the Beautiful Blogger award:

3. 1000 Awesome Things

4. Man Versus Debt

5. The Creative Penn

6. How to Make my

7. The Art of Non-Conformity

I would just like to end this short post by once again thanking Peggi, Pat and Linnea for their nominations.

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