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Ask Needy Helper Episode #16: Why I Quit my Job? (Part 2)

  In this week's Ask Needy Helper video blog I finish Frank from Netherland's question: … [Read More...]

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The Alcohol & Addiction Podcast Presents: Billy Chattaway

Billy Chattaway is a 25-year old professional poker player who has won over $270,000 playing live events, and $3.1m playing online. In September, Billy finished … [Read More...]

The Alcohol & Addiction Podcast Presents: Connection With Liza and Lee

  Rewind a few years and had you asked me what being 'connected' to my partner meant I would have thought about sex. I was a very one-dimensional being. On … [Read More...]

The Alcohol & Addiction Podcast Presents: Jan Turner

Jan Turner is a 33-year old mother of two daughters living in Canada. Jan was sexually abused by her father, and both verbally and physically abused in her marriage. … [Read More...]

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Finding Ultra by Rich Roll, a Book Review

Rich Roll was a fat, middle-aged, overweight, alcoholic. Then he wasn't. He was a lean, middle-aged, endurance athlete who didn't drink alcohol. He is an … [Read More...]

Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future by Ashlee Vance, a Book Review

Very shortly you will be able to hop on board a Hyperloop Transportation system and travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco at speeds of up to 760mph. The 380-mile … [Read More...]

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Alcohol Marketing is Destroying The Lives of Our Children

  My teenage son will drink alcohol when he is older. He told me so. I was angry. Not at my son. The anger comes from a sense of pity. He honestly thinks he has a choice to make. Being raised in the UK means you need cirrhosis of the liver to avoid drinking alcohol. … [Read More...]

How Commitment and Consistency Lead You Towards Alcoholism And Can Also Lead You Away

  The child lies in a pool of blood. People walk by and cast a look as if noticing an empty crisp packet. Shall I pick it up? They move on, evidently in the hope that someone else picks it up. The next person moves on. A furtive glance - a thought - inaction. By the time … [Read More...]

Which of Your Own Qualities Would You Want in Your Country’s Leader?

People tell me I am inspirational. My country’s leader never inspires me. I recently watched Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom and it got me thinking about leadership on a nationwide scale. There was so much passion and desire for the Ukrainian people to fight for … [Read More...]

How Self-Compassion Helps You Lose Weight

  The opposite emotions of compassion are hatred, mercilessness, indifference, and cruelty. It sounds harsh, but this is how we can speak to ourselves. Think about this for a minute. When the cruel talk starts we laugh it off, and numb out that unpleasant feeling with a … [Read More...]

Dependency & Addiction

I blamed my ex-wife when my marriage imploded. … [Read More...]

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