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Why Do I Drink Alcohol?

  Why do I drink alcohol? A question I skirted around when I was a drinker. Most drinkers do. Ignorance is bliss. I drank alcohol because I chose to. An important realisation, but one that needs further mining, because your choice was heavily biased. Alcohol consumption is pure symbolism. In most countries drinking alcohol is tradition. Before the Berlin Wall came … [Read More...]

The Alcohol & Addiction Podcast


The Alcohol & Addiction Podcast Presents: Robert Powell

If I was to put a label on Robert Powell, it would read 'Invisible Alcoholic'. It's a familiar label to me. It's the one that was sewn in the inside of my … [Read More...]

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The Needy Reader


Conscious Capitalism by John Mackey and Raj Sisodia – a Book Review

  Conscious Capitalism flies into My Top 10 Most Influential Books in My Life list. Tremendous is the wrong word to describe it. Powerful is a more fitting … [Read More...]

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