My Top Five Tips For Reading One Book Per Week


It seems that my blog is six months old, because just 26-weeks ago I created a goal to read 52 books in a 52-week period, and last week I read my 26th book The Liver Cleansing Diet by Sandra Cabot. MD. The goal has been a very positive one for me, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve his or her life. If you want to take up the challenge of reading one book per week, then here are my five top tips to get the most out of the experience.

1. Recommendations

In terms of literature, supply far outweighs demand. It is no coincidence that the very few books that I have failed to finish were books that I found through my own searches on sites such as Amazon. The very best and informative books come recommended by people who have learned something positive from them. Hopefully, as I continue to read one book per week, and review them on The Needy Helper, you can follow my own personal recommendations.

 2. Areas of Improvement

In the first six-months of my goal I have only read one fiction book, which was Alone on the Wide, Wide Sea by Michael Morpurgo, and even that was selected for a specific purpose (to improve my relationship with my son). So 99% of my books are non-fiction, and I select them depending on what areas of my life I wish to improve. I start the year by creating a set of goals that I wish to accomplish, and my chosen books are aligned with these goals. If you are going to read one book per week, make sure you have an understanding of what it is you want to learn. I found the best way to select a book, is to be aware of what is going on in your life at that precise moment. If you are having money worries then it is time to pick a financial book like Your Money of Your Life by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez, or if you are having communication issues with your partner, you may want to pick up People Skills by Robert Bolton. By operating in this way, you increase your capacity to learn more from the subject you have chosen, as it is relevent in the here and now.

3. Scheduling

If you are going to read one book per week then you need to be well organised. I plan my day the night before, and it always includes time to read. If I am reading a paper-based book then I simply divide the number of pages by the days of the week, so I know how many pages I must read each day. By spreading the workload across the whole week you will reduce the possibility that you fail to read your quota and start to fall behind. If you are using a Kindle then you will not have page numbers, and instead I would advise that you read 15% of your book per day.

4. EBook Readers

I love the touch and feel of a good old-fashioned paper book, much more than an Ebook. But if you are going to rack up 52-books per year, then you had better find somewhere to put them all. The Kindle, or any other eBook reader for that matter, makes access to literature instantaneous. Imagine reading a book only to realise that it is no good for you, now what do you do? Unless you have ordered your quota for the month you have to wait until the bookstore is open again, or for the book to be delivered through the door. With a Kindle you just log on and within seconds you have a new book.

5. Take Notes and Action

You are reading these books to improve your life. If you are like me you will have ideas bombarding you each time you turn over a page. If you have a paper-based book, always read with a highlighter and pen by your side so you can make notes in the book. If you are going to sell the book at a later date, then make notes some other way. I use my iPhone to make notes and then each week I put my notes into my own personal organisational planning system. If you are using an eBook reader then make notes electronically and schedule a few hours to go through them after you have finished reading your book.



  1. Lee,
    I knew you must be very organized to read so much. And it’s true that books about things you need to know (as opposed to fiction, biography or poetry) go faster. Still, I congratulate you on reaching the half way point toward your goal.

  2. Would you like to read and review my book? Lori’s Song, my true story of captivity in Iran during 911.
    Its also available on Amazon.
    Thank you, your post was helpful!:)

  3. You have definitely shown your ability to persevere through this goal. Good job!

  4. hey, I have decided to take up the challenge and in doing so i will keenly follow your recommendations. Will keep you posted with my success. Thank you for waking me up. Have a great day.

    • Hi Maneisha,

      That is great news. Keep in touch. I want to know how you progress and what gems you uncover.



  5. Hello Lee,
    I’m very curious about your “own personal organisational planning system”.
    How does it work?

    • Hi Carlos,

      I use a combination of Wunderlist and Google Calendar to tie things together for me, but the important points are having goals and making sure you work on them every day and using the 80/20 principle to make sure you are working on the right things.

      It’s easy to collate a lot of ‘To Do’ items, but not as easy to get them done.


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