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A few days ago I was fortunate to read a life changer of a book. You may feel that I am exaggerating when I use those words. But this is exactly how books make me feel. It was the War of Art by Steven Pressfield and it is not to be confused with a more famous piece of literature called the Art of War by Sun Tzu (a mistake a few of my readers have seemingly made :)). After my review one of the Needyhelper readers, called Coggy, made me realise that I hadn’t really explained enough about the content of the book. I apologise both to my readers and to Steve Pressfield for not providing enough material to sway you into buying this book; because buy it you must. Here is some more information for you.

The book is divided into three separate sub-sections:

Book One – Resistance

This section of the book is used to describe the phenomenon more clearly identified as never getting off your arse to do the things you know are important to you in life. Maybe you can see from the length of my description why Pressfield used the word resistance. He explains what activities create resistance and gives you examples that are written with savage authenticity and wit.

“Any act that rejects immediate gratification in favour of long-term growth, health or integrity. Or, expressed another way, any act that derives from our higher nature instead of our lower. Any of these will elicit resistance.” – Steven Pressfield.

If you are trying to improve your life, in any shape or form, then you will experience resistance. Resistance is you. You stop yourself from becoming a better human being.

Book Two – Combating Resistance

In the second section of the book, Pressfield offers his own form of advice on how best to overcome resistance. He calls this ‘Turning Pro’ and has a book – that I will read – with that very title. What I got out of this section was to stop messing about. Stop all of your excuses and start leading your life like a business. This is something that I can relate to a lot with my interest in Lean Life.

I suppose this is the how to part of the book, the pieces that will change your life if you can deploy them effectively.

Book Three – Beyond Resistance

The final section of the book covers faith and inspiration. I would have skimmed this section of the book a few years ago, but today believe it is as important as anything else in my life. For inspiration read religion, law of attraction, spirituality, Eckhart Tolle and the nature of the universe.

You are feeling great each and every day. The greater you feel the more great things happen to you. When you are beginning to doubt that your blog is ever going to successfully change peoples lives, and suddenly you receive an e-mail saying you have done just that. You feel sorry for yourself. You are negative and complain all of the time. Nothing seems to go right for you.

All of those sentences are what Book Three is about.


Coggy asked me if this book would suit him as he was not really a creative person because he didn’t write, draw or do anything arty, so he wondered whether this book would be beneficial to him.

Everybody is creative. Some people decide to lock it away and throw away the key and others let in run wild. Being creative is not just confined to the activities that Coggy mentions in his comments. You are creative in the way that you manage your relationships with those you love, you are creative in your job each and everyday albeit in many different ways and you are creative in your role as a parent.

I will repeat myself. The concepts in this book should be taught in school, they provide foundations that can lead to a quite wonderful existence.

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  1. Thanks Lee, that’s more what i’ve come to expect from you and your reviews.

    I will put this on the ‘to read’ list as what it’s about seems to have a big bearing on something I may do really soon…..A leap of faith if you like.

    I did read a few reviews on Amazon and given the amount of reviews, it has a really high rating. There was 1 really negative review, but even reading that the reviewer sounded like a right grump !!! lol


    • Hi Coggy,

      I am glad I could help. Make sure you feedback into these comments when you have finished the book as I would love to know what you thought of the book.



  2. Lee,
    Sounds like a good one. It sounds like he spends lots of time on the resistance part. Would it be comparable to Shale Paul’s The Warrior Within?

    • Hi Ellen,

      “The Warrior Within” is not a book I am familiar with. Let me know what is is about and whether you recommend it for me to read?



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