How to Increase Productivity – Part Two

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Welcome to Part Two of the Needy Helper productivity series. To get the most out of this series I suggest you take some time to read Part One before you go any further.

Top Tip #2 – Change Your Habits

The single biggest reason that people fail to reach their full potential, when it comes to productivity, is because of a series of bad habits. These bad habits can be corralled together and called procrastination.

The formation of habits

Your sub-conscious mind is the science laboratory of your body. It is where belief, desire and faith are combined with dreams, in order to produce the results that you see in your life. This part of your mind is like a bank full of gold bullion. If you don’t have an adequate security system, then someone will come away and rob you blind. When it comes to the science laboratory of the mind, the thieving will come in the form of negative thoughts, or bad habits.

We all know that the security system for a bank involves intricate alarms and a sturdy safe door. Inside the mind, the science laboratory of the sub-conscious is protected by the conscious mind. The conscious mind is the sturdy safe door and intricate alarm system. Most safe doors will have a combination that you enter to allow access. The key to your sub-conscious mind is you. You determine what reaches the coveted centre of creation. You control the access of material through that sturdy safe door.

The problem with the conscious mind is it needs help when it comes to deciding what is allowed through the door. The conscious mind cannot determine the difference between a thought that will eventually turn into a wonderful dream, and one that will turn into a nightmare. The door allows both negative and positive thoughts to pass through, because it can’t tell the difference between them. This is where the creation of habit is so essential if you want to keep your laboratory clear of negativity

By consciously stopping negative thoughts from getting through the door, they die. They just disappear into the ether from whence they came. They are starved of oxygen.

So how do you protect your mind from the nightmares?

You already have a series of habits. They have been created over your lifetime. At the end of this article make sure that you plan some time to write down 30 of your worse habits. If you find that you are struggling then ask someone whom you love, and are close to you, to help you. They will have a better handle on your bad habits than you. Pick the worse habit that you have and spend the next 21-days trying to change that habit. You do this by creating a better habit.

Bad Habit = I never do what I say I am going to do

Better Habit = Be true to my word

Write out an affirmation and place it into your journal. I like to use my Thinking Journal to do this.

Example Affirmation

I am true to my word. I always complete when I say I am going to complete. I am extremely productive because I complete my actions when I say I am going to complete them. I am a man of my word.

Read this to yourself each morning and each night. When you speak make sure that you do it with conviction. It is important that scepticism is gone and you have a desire to be successful. Say it with meaning. Each night review your day and ask yourself if you actually did what you said you were going to do? If you didn’t then ask yourself WHY? To get to the root cause you may need to ask yourself the question at least five times. When you get to the root cause identify a method of removing that failure. Rinse and repeat.

The secret to success is to understand and be at peace with the fact that habits change slowly. You cannot always see progress because it is often invisible to your thought. Just maintain a desire, belief and faith in the process, and eventually the change will reveal itself to you in the form of a good habit. When this happens you know the safe door has stood strong and the bad habit is dead.

The constant practice of this process will make sure that more good habits are created than bad. More dreams are created instead of nightmares. This in turn makes you more productive. I was able to improve my productivity through being more organised, and this was made possible through the process that I have outlined above. I used to be disorganised because the conscious mind was not doing a good job of guarding the door to the sub-conscious mind. It was allowing bad and negative thoughts to pass through. This was screwing up my laboratory and I was producing nightmares instead of dreams. After constant application of these processes, over a period of time, I have removed the bad habit sand replaced it with a series of better habits. Now it’s just like driving a car. I don’t even think about it and it happens. Dreams are produced and I can concentrate my efforts into making them my reality.

What bad habits do you have that stop you from being productive? Are you prepared to change? If so e-mail me at and I will help you be accountable.

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  1. Lee

    Did you ever read ‘The power of the subconscious mind’ ? I believe i mentioned it some time ago and this is what it talks about if you like this.

    Strangely, even having read that book and seeing the shortened version of it here in your words, I’ve never actually done anything about it. I guess that in itself is one of my bad ‘learnt’ conscious things I do !! Agree the riting things down is a way to do too.


    • Hi Coggy,

      I haven’t bought it yet, but it is on my list.

      Learning to change my habits has changed my life. What habit would you like to change?


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