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This is the third blog post I have written in connection with my goals process. If you haven’t already read them, then I suggest you check out My Goals Process and My 2012 Goals before you go any further.

Creating goals is simple. Nearly all of us will have some form of experience in goal setting even if it only consists of New Years resolutions. Creating initial action towards the achievement of your goals is also easy. You are pumped full of goal steroids and your drive eases you into the foray. But this is where the easy stuff ends. As times ebbs away it becomes easier to procrastinate and stop working on your goals altogether. For this purpose I introduced you to the quarterly goal review. I have seven separate goals categories and so I am going to write seven blog posts. I hope you can glean some benefit from them.


To make sure my BMI remains normal throughout 2012

In hindsight this was a pretty weak goal for me to set. The only part of my body that bothers me occasionally is my stomach. If I overeat and avoid exercise I can find myself with a bit of a belly. I created this goal to try and remove the belly but I have been barking up the wrong tree. I have just measured my BMI and I am within the normal weight range and so with that in mind I am on course to complete this goal. But as I look down at my belly, it is still too rotund for my liking. With that in mind I have decided to create an additional goal:

On Target / Off Target = On Target!

Additional Goal: To complete 2,000 crunches and 1,000 sit ups per month

Create an exercise plan

I am pleased to note that I have exercised more often during 2012 than anytime during the past 20-years. That being said I don’t like this goal because it is not specific enough. During my revised exercise program I stumbled across this great website called TribeSports. There are a series of challenges on the website and I recently completed one of them when I did 100 crunches per day for 14-days. I have since kept going and now complete 100 crunches everyday. So my next goal is to complete a different TribeSports challenge each week as this will slowly turn into my exercise plan.

On Target / Off Target = On Target!

Amended Goal: To complete a different TribeSports challenge each week to slowly create an exercise plan.

Create a much healthier eating plan

There were three specific parts to this goal

A) Eliminate junk/take away food from my diet

B) Read at least five books on nutrition and diet

C) Attend one cookery course

I have reduced my fast food intake but still find myself drawn to it. It isn’t the taste that attracts me but the simplicity and ease that it offers. When I am at home I need to be more organised and buy fresh food so I don’t automatically go for the take away menu when I am hungry. There are times that I do like to eat these types of foods and so I don’t want to eliminate them altogether. With this in mind I am removing this goal because I believe the strengthened exercise goal and controlled eating on my part will be sufficient.

I have read two books on nutrition and diet and am on course to read three more by the end of the year.

I was lucky enough to receive an online cookery course called The Devilled Egg from my wonderful girlfriend. I am enjoying the course and believe it has led to a more enthused attitude towards cooking.

On Target / Off Target = On Target!

Amended Goal: Remove the goal to eliminate junk food from my diet.


I am really please with my progress in the area of health. I recently spent five days training at a Muay Thai boxing camp in Rawai, Thailand and although it was extremely difficult on both a mental and physical level, it has awoken something in me. I always harbour strong negative images and feelings when it comes to exercise and I am pleased to say these are slowly changing as I participate in more exercise. I have also started playing table tennis with a good friend, and carry on my 100 crunches and 50 sit-ups every day.


The inspiration to write about goals came from a reader of this blog. The inspiration to carry out the quarterly review comes from Chris Guillebeau in the excellent blog The Art of Non-Conformity.

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  1. Lee, I like your nutrition guidelines. I have heart disease and tend to follow the Mediteranean diet, but it’s hard to give up the good carbs I like. Too many throws me into metabolic syndrome. I eat healthy heart fats like nuts, beans, artichokes, avocados and peanut butter. And of course extra-virgin olive oil. I really like this site and it’s structure. Good luck with it.


  2. I’m always trying to eat healthier. Thanks for the reminder.

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