Fathers Reaching Out

(Photo: Michelle and Mark Williams)

I was running around my local football field when I bumped into an old friend, Mark “Mags” Williams. I had my earphones on and although I could see his lips move, all I could hear were the dulcet tones of Damien Rice. I took of my cans and told him to start again. He looked fit, healthy and full of fizz but Mags always had more spring in his step that a kangaroo.

Mags told me that he had been reading my blog and that it was having a profound effect upon him. He told me that he was really proud that I had achieved everything that I said that I would, and proceeded to tell me how he was joining a life-coaching course. I thanked him and told him to keep in touch and ran off down the valley with Damien Rice telling me that I could float like a cannonball.

I used to be very sceptical when I would read a piece of literature advising me not to do things for the money. As a Sleepwalker everything revolved around money, but when someone like Mags stops you in the street and tells you that you have helped them, you realise that the written word you consumed was true. No amount of money can make me feel as warm and gooey as that conversation with Mags.

Over time, Mags contacted me through Facebook to seek advice on books to read, how to get a book published and how to produce a website. It seems he decided to take a leap of faith of his own, and if I have inspired one tenth of that then I will be the happiest man on earth. It seems the man with more bounce than a kangaroo has been through some harrowing times, but instead of wallowing in his own self-pity, he has reached out to try and help others who are going through similar experiences.

Seven years ago Mark “Mags” Williams had a beautiful baby boy and everything in his world seemed perfect. Then his wife started to suffer from severe postnatal depression, and his whole life changed. Mags is a Daydreamer because he has had the foresight to create a wonderful website called Fathers Reaching Out, designed to offer help and support to men who are suffering in silence in relationships touched by post natal depression.

In the few short weeks that the website has been in force, Mags has even appeared on BBC Wales. Please do everything you can to spread the word about Mags and his website.

Mags I am very proud of you!


I have known Mags ever since I moved to the Valley at the age of 11. I remember he was one of the first kids to get interested in me because of my talent to kick a football around. Mags and I would play down the football field for hours on end and both loved Man Utd with a passion. When our local football team won the Welsh 5-A-Side championships Mags and I were in the first team.

When he stopped me to speak to him when running I had no idea he would have reached people in the way that he has. What he has done is very special and if I could one day follow in his footsteps I will be a very happy man. To help other people is a special feeling and Mags is a special person.

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  1. Hi Ching…
    I have had so many warm emails from all over the UK in the last 5 weeks, But you made me have goosebumbs and really hit home..thank you so much for your kind words..please listen to my interview on bbc i player 10/2/2012 womans hour around the 30 mins mark…also just come back from filming for a nhs project..doing a interview for a readio staion newstalk in ireland next week.and other projects like bbc3 etc..all this great but my focus is help the people who need it..take care ching and thanks

  2. Wow, what a lovely post and a wonderful website by Mark. Although I didn’t experience PND myself I was painfully aware of how easy it would have been to slip into the ‘abyss’ so to speak, and I dread to think how my husband could have coped in different circumstances. Thank you for sharing, and for showing love and understanding to these brave families.

  3. mickie bellhouse says:

    hi mark group is going well and i think its helping me quite alot, i hit rock bottom the other day and was really low, i believe the tablets ive been given are making lots of things happen side effects etc but ill keep at it for now. i really do appreciate the support and thank you all dearly for giving me the chance to talk its the best way to go is having a chat etc thanks again… mike.

  4. Sarah Hopley says:

    Smiley Mark if your reading this I just want to say I am very proud to have known you all these years. Your family must be very proud of you too. Keep up the amazing good work. Sarah x

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