Falling Off The Wagon

I get a few personal e-mails through my contact form and I have decided to speak about them on a video blog. There are no bells or whistles – just my ugly mug – but I hope they will interest you for ten-minutes.

I need more contact so please write to me and ask me questions about anything you read on this site and I hope to talk about them in this forum.

If you are interested in quitting alcohol then contact me at lee.davy@btopenworld.com to enquire about my six-week programme aimed at helping you create better habits surrounding your drinking.

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If you have a question for the Needy Helper, click on the button below, follow the instructions, leave your message and I will answer it on a forthcoming Podcast.

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  1. Lee, I think it is wonderful that you took the time to answer an email in this way. I know “Gary” must appreciate your concern for him. Well done.

  2. hi Lee. I have read a few of your blogs & am really inspired by the changes you have made and the journey you are on. I am coaching a few people who I know will really benefit from reading your experiences.
    be good to keep in touch – I am following you on twitter & FB. I too am really moving forward – I think of it as an adventure…
    look out for the books of Pema Chodron – she is a buddhist nun & very wise. I dip in and out of ‘The places that scare you’.
    I blog on http://www.jackieocarroll.com
    just about to launch new website for the coaching called ‘The Room of Possibilities’. be good if you could guest blog…
    Jackie :))

    • Lee Davy says:

      Hi Jackie,

      I will purchase a book from Pema Chodron and let you know how I find that and I will also check out your blog.

      I would love to provide you with a guest post. If you send me a PM using the contact form on my website describing what experience you would like me to share I will be happy to oblige.



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