The Box

photo-1456082902841-3335005c3082My new car arrives tomorrow.

I forage for car insurance.

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The Alcohol & Addiction Podcast Episode #53: Joe Hoare Using Laughter to Change Your Life

2013 July 15th 011

Welcome to Episode # 53 of The Alcohol & Addiction Podcast and my guest Joe Hoare.

I asked Joe to come on the show because I think the world needs to lighten up, and HE is the best person to kick start a revolution. He has been improving the lives of others in the health and wellness space for over 30-years and has appeared on tv, radio, and Glastonbury Festival. He is also the author of Awakening the Laughing Buddha Within.

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The Ant Nest

I wake up in the night crushing ants between my fingers.

I don’t know if I am awake or dreaming.

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The Alcohol & Addiction Podcast Episode #41: Dustin Rudolph

IMG_8950_final_blueToday, I am joined by Dustin Rudolph, a clinical pharmacist who in 2009 adopted a vegetarian diet before progressing to a whole food, plant-based vegan lifestyle.

He is the author of The Empty Medicine Cabinet a book that shows you another path to health; one that begins with the food that you put on your plate and not the drugs you receive from your doctor.

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Episode #34: The Alcohol & Addiction Podcast Presents Lee Davy and Laura Jones on Teenage Kids Drinking Alcohol

Episode #34 of the Alcohol & Addiction Podcast features my regular co-host Laura Jones of Blackbird Coaching.

alcohol and addiction podcast

This week Laura dissects my thoughts and emotions after I erupt in a car full of teenage boys after they brazenly talk about drinking alcohol in my presence. Laura helps me understand how I could have handled the incident in a more calm and collected way, how to approach the use of alcohol with my teenage son, and much more.

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I’m in a state of shock.

My eyes are sore; I’m hollow; mind pounding.

I need to sleep.

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Good Debt v Bad Debt: Credit Cards

I was first introduced to the concept that debt could de divided into two distinct  types, known as good debt and bad debt, after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Here is Kiyosaki briefly explaining the differences between the two.

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Does Money Make You Happy?

New research carried out by the Michigan University economists, Justin Wolfers and Betsey Stevenson, has once again stirred up the money equals happiness debate, after a review of 1,014 people found that as income levels increased so did the happiness of the people with the fatter wallets. In a nutshell version of the report, published in the American Economic Review, everybody with an annual salary of over £320,000 p.a described themselves as ‘very happy,’ whereas in stark contrast only 34% of those earning £6,400, or less, claimed likewise.

From a personal standpoint I have mixed feelings about the report. I tend to see the world through a rather narrow field of my everyday existence, so I don’t believe the happiness versus money debate is black and white. Instead, it resembles a painting given to you by your two-year old child. There are simply too many ingredients that go into the soup bowl of a great and happy life to make bold statements like ‘more money makes you happy.’

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Guest Blog Post – Consuming Alcohol Before Your Workouts – Is It Worth It?

Hey Drew,
I like to have a couple beers before I hit the gym. Alcohol helps me relax after a long day at work, but is it really affecting my workout all that much?

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Guest Blog Post – Breaking Bad Habits – Letting Go of Stress

31/365 - Stress.
They say fear is the mind killer, but stress will be the death of you. When an individual is stressed, they want to do more but do less. They feel like they need to work harder, but they are less productive because of it. It is backwards thinking, and it must be eliminated at its root. The first step in figuring out how to deal with stress is to get some perspective on what stress is.

Stress is a completely natural reaction to a dangerous situation. For example, if a hunter gatherer was searching for berries and runs into a tiger, they would immediately drop everything and deal with the problem at hand; they would run as far away as possible. This is simple to understand, and for the most part is a great tool in the psychological kit of human beings. However, this doesn’t translate well in the modern world.

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Do you want to quit alcohol but are scared of what life is like on the other side?

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