The Daydreamers

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As I stared out towards the audience I knew that everyone loved me and I loved every minute of it. I was 12-years of age and felt an incredible sense of achievement, joy and happiness. This young Artful Dodger didn’t realise it back then, but I was feeling so amazing because I had briefly become acquainted with my meaning and purpose. I knew that I was important to this play. There was a back-up Oliver but there was no back up Artful Dodger. Along with Oliver, Nancy, Fagin and Bill Sykes the Dodger was a major role in this production and I had been trusted to deliver and revelled in the responsibility.

21 of 365 ~ Daydreaming..

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The Sleepwalkers

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My Dad is a Sleepwalker, as is my mother and as are all of my siblings. In fact the majority of humans roaming the world are indeed doing it with their eyes closed. I will have to guess that my parents are Sleepwalkers because their parents were also Sleepwalkers. One of the most important roles of a parent is to teach their siblings about life. Lessons in life are sadly lacking in our modern school curriculum, heaping even more pressure on our parents to provide the knowledge in this vitally important area. As my parents were Sleepwalkers they also raised me to be a Sleepwalker too.

brains! braaaainnnssss!

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About the Needy Helper

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For the first 34-years of my existence on this great planet, I walked around with my eyes closed. I was a Sleepwalker surrounded by like minded Sleepwalkers. Don’t get me wrong I was happy at the time and thought life was great, but then something changed. I realised that I was not in control of my life, and instead, all of my decisions were being made by other people. I decided to do something about it and during my ensuing actions people said I was going through a mid-life crisis. I thought it was an epiphany. I started to wonder:

Is there more to life than this?

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