The Vow


I stared in the mirror. I had never seen eyes as cruel as the ones that returned fire. What had happened to me? I was falling apart. I could handle that. But my marriage? That was precious. I would not allow my marriage to fall apart. It was time to buy myself a bouquet of dead flowers. I was moving on.

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How to Eradicate Limiting Beliefs: Discover What They Are First

This article is part 2 of 5 in the series Removing Limiting Beliefs

Did you know that it takes just as much time and effort to think big as it does to think small?

It’s your thoughts that matter. What you think about becomes your life.

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A Lifetime of Warning Signs That You Need a Lean Life

Life is just one damn thing after another

So who needs a Lean Life?

At times my outlook on life is positive, but I struggle to maintain self-motivation. Eventually it fizzles out and I am always on the look out for more fizz. I would dearly love more energy and enthusiasm but the couch and the television have me in its pull and I can’t wriggle free.

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What is Lean Life?


A Lean Life is a systems approach to life. Systems thinking is holistic where the sum of all the parts is more important that the parts themselves. People find it difficult to grasp the importance of the holistic view of life, because they have difficulty viewing their life ‘from end-to-end.’ Instead, we focus our attention on pockets of activity. We survive by learning from our experiences, but we don’t always connect the dots. There is a bigger picture out there, but not everyone can see it.

In order for a system to work to its optimal capability you need to understand purpose. You cannot live a Lean Life without any purpose. Purpose defines your life. It’s why you exist and what the output of all of your activity serves. To understand purpose you need to understand value. What value are you producing and for whom? Who are your customers? What do they need, and how can you deliver what they want, when they want it?

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Lean Life – A Lonely Birth

As far as the technicalities go my birth was pretty much the same as anybody else who was born in 1975. But it was a birth with a hint of melancholy mixed in with the usual blend of happiness and fear.

At the time of my birth my mother was called Patricia Helen Clinton and her mother was called Edna Clinton. 18-years before my birth Edna was pregnant herself, with what would be the first of six children. At twenty weeks gestation her fetus – little Patsy – already had me tucked away in her tiny ovaries. I was one of those 7 million eggs. The egg is the largest cell in the human body, and by the time she was 18 over 6.5 million of those little babies would have died. I guess I was a very good egg but then again maybe surviving the death of 6.5 million of my brothers and sisters contributed to the over confident air that I sprayed around throughout my life?

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Living With Relapse

The Magic Door

I have stopped smoking, stopping drinking alcohol, stopped gambling, stopped taking drugs, stopped eating rubbish and stopped watching pornography. My life structure is stronger as a result of each of these choices; but each choice came with a sacrifice, each road carried with it several obstacles that were determined to stop me dead in my tracks.

You may know these obstacles as relapse. A word that is banded about when people struggle to create a consistent approach to the creation of new and improved habits. Relapse is an exceptionally important part of the process of creating positive change in your life. If you are capable of moving a destructive habit so far into the back of your mind that it loses it’s ability to see; then all power to you. For the rest of us there is relapse.

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Lean Life: An Introduction – Part 2


Please start by reading Lean Thinking: An Introduction – Part 1.

By this time I started to try and introduce lean principles into my workplace but I found it incredibly difficult. There were a number of reasons why I failed to implement what I had learned.

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Lean Life: An Introduction – Part 1


Literature has always been my education of choice. I love to read and I love to learn. Maybe I have taken too many chalk board eraser’s to the temple and now value my solace too much or maybe I am free of distractions with no need for my ego to try and get itself noticed? Or maybe I am just older, more mature and also more understanding of the perils of a life that is not lean. Whatever the reasons I really do love to get down and dirty with a good book. By good book I mean a book that is going to transform your life. Transforming my life is my new education and I am addicted to it. I guess you are too?

This book will change your life of that I have no doubt. I would love to take all of the credit and tell you that I am some superlative Socratic philosopher but that would be so inauthentic of me. Instead this book is a group of ideas taken from the very best books I have read and the very best courses I have attended. Other people wrote this book and created these ideas. I just decided to package it up in a unique way and turn it into a way of life – lean life. [Read more…]

Pick of the Week: I Am Going to Write My Book – Lean Life


This week has been fantastic in terms of my own personal development. I am really starting to get it. I am only scratching the surface and still have a fair old dig ahead of me, but I really believe I am going to eventually find what I am looking for. It struck me this week that before I can continually improve I need to become more aware. Awareness is the key for me and my radar is well and truly switched on. I am learning so much about the way that I behave, why I behave the way that I do and how it affects those that are important in my life. I am one happy pappy right now.

I must confess that I have been procrastinating on one of my goals. I have a goal to write a book called Lean Life and the progress has not been great. My procrastination comes from my sense of fear. I am scared that my book will not be as great as those that have passed under the scrutiny of my eyelids. I am worried that it won’t gain an audience. That no one will care. It’s time for me to grow a pair. It is time for me to act.

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