Ask Needyhelper Episode #11: “How Can I Stop Drinking Diet Coke With a Nice Meal?”

drink diet coke! You are sweet enough as you are

This weeks questions is from Steve, from Bridgend.

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Cellular Nutrition: Giving me the Strength of Pippi Longstocking

Pipi vive

When I was younger, I wanted to save the world, and I needed super human strength like Pippi Longstocking.

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The Hangry Monster

"Mercado dos Lavradores" Traditional Market


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Worried About Your Liver? Try the Liver Cleanse Diet

 A gondola floats by like a majestic black swan. There is an engraving on the side. It looks like a scorpion made of blood. The Gondolier winks at me as he passes, standing tall, and with pride, as he rows across the Venetian lagoon. The incumbents cuddle, snug, holding hands; love pheromones radiating into the air.

I pull my husband into me as we stroll through the narrow cobble stone streets. Clotheslines made of old rope hang from the windows above, white shirts blowing in the breeze like clouds.

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Understanding the Relationship Between Brain and Gut Changed My Life

Exercise Plays Vital Role Maintaining Brain Health


Who is that?

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The Fast Diet by Dr Michael Mosley & Mimi Spencer, A Book Review


This week’s blog post in the Reviving Wellness Health Corner comes from Lee Davy.

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The Empty Medicine Cabinet by Dustin Rudolph, a Book Review



My hands gripped the side of the piss stained toilet, microbes laughing as they dug into my flesh. I heaved, I heaved, and I heaved. For the longest time nothing would leave. I was sweating profusely. I heaved, and I heaved and I forced myself to eject a blob of…blood.

After puking for several more minutes I felt an urgent need to shit. I grabbed the blob-splattered bucket that lay next to me, pulled it close, sat on the toilet, and pulled down my pants. Emptiness invaded my stomach, a gnawing sensation that didn’t quite feel right. I finished, and before I flushed the chain I looked at my mess. It looked as if I had taken a chainsaw to a bag of blood.

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How to End Your Fear of Running by Gandhi, Richard Branson and Russell Brand

Atlanta Santa Speedo Run 2012

You know the secret to life.

Get plenty of rest, eat healthily, exercise and have sex every single day of the week (disclaimer: I made that last one up in the hope that my wife was reading).

Today I want to talk about exercise.

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The Shocking Truth Behind How Many Calories Alcohol Contains

Lose weight now

Are you overweight?


You go to the gym regularly, eat healthily, and you still can’t seem to lose an inch?

It doesn’t matter what you do, that belly doesn’t want to deflate, that butt keeps getting bigger, and your cheekbones have sunk deep into the unknown.

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Ronit Chamani on the Benefits of Raw Food

Ronit Chamani has a dream to change the world through the love of raw food. The professional poker player, and diamond dealer, is a raw food vegan gourmet chef, and along with her partner Ryan D’Angelo, is committed to spread the word about the tremendous health benefits that eating a raw food diet possesses.

One of the by-products of eliminating alcohol from your life is the urge to eat more sugar, and I find that a lot of my clients leave an alcohol problem behind, only to realise that they also have a sugar dependency.

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