The Fast Diet by Dr Michael Mosley & Mimi Spencer, A Book Review


This week’s blog post in the Reviving Wellness Health Corner comes from Lee Davy.

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The Empty Medicine Cabinet by Dustin Rudolph, a Book Review



My hands gripped the side of the piss stained toilet, microbes laughing as they dug into my flesh. I heaved, I heaved, and I heaved. For the longest time nothing would leave. I was sweating profusely. I heaved, and I heaved and I forced myself to eject a blob of…blood.

After puking for several more minutes I felt an urgent need to shit. I grabbed the blob-splattered bucket that lay next to me, pulled it close, sat on the toilet, and pulled down my pants. Emptiness invaded my stomach, a gnawing sensation that didn’t quite feel right. I finished, and before I flushed the chain I looked at my mess. It looked as if I had taken a chainsaw to a bag of blood.

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How to End Your Fear of Running by Gandhi, Richard Branson and Russell Brand

Atlanta Santa Speedo Run 2012

You know the secret to life.

Get plenty of rest, eat healthily, exercise and have sex every single day of the week (disclaimer: I made that last one up in the hope that my wife was reading).

Today I want to talk about exercise.

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The Shocking Truth Behind How Many Calories Alcohol Contains

Lose weight now

Are you overweight?


You go to the gym regularly, eat healthily, and you still can’t seem to lose an inch?

It doesn’t matter what you do, that belly doesn’t want to deflate, that butt keeps getting bigger, and your cheekbones have sunk deep into the unknown.

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Ronit Chamani on the Benefits of Raw Food

Ronit Chamani has a dream to change the world through the love of raw food. The professional poker player, and diamond dealer, is a raw food vegan gourmet chef, and along with her partner Ryan D’Angelo, is committed to spread the word about the tremendous health benefits that eating a raw food diet possesses.

One of the by-products of eliminating alcohol from your life is the urge to eat more sugar, and I find that a lot of my clients leave an alcohol problem behind, only to realise that they also have a sugar dependency.

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How to Eat a Vegetarian Diet and Save a Ton of Money!

This article is part 4 of 4 in the series Removing Sugar and Meat From My Diet

Save Money

A quick recap for you:

Yesterday, I was getting stuck into my Five Surprising Reasons Why I Have Become Vegetarian when I felt like point number five was so important that it needed more airtime.

My fifth important reason that I had become vegetarian was:

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Five Surprising Reasons Why I Have Become Vegetarian

This article is part 3 of 4 in the series Removing Sugar and Meat From My Diet


If you were with me yesterday you will be aware that I had a decision to make.

Was I going to continue eating meat or not?

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What The Omnivores Dilemma Can Teach Us About Food

This article is part 2 of 4 in the series Removing Sugar and Meat From My Diet

Andrews Steer

If you read Get Rid of Sugar Once and For All!  – and I suggest you do  – you will be aware that I believe the devil has risen from hell and now hides in different types of sugar.

My life is transforming and sugar is no longer a part of it, which presents me with a problem given that nearly everything we eat contains sugar in one form or another.

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Get Rid of Sugar Once and For All!

This article is part 1 of 4 in the series Removing Sugar and Meat From My Diet


The first meal I ever made was two pieces of white bread coated with margarine and then dipped in sugar. You can call it a sugar sandwich if you like, but where I lived it was called a sugar butty

My Mum used to roll her eyes at me and say, “You will get worms eating those things.”

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How to Become Vegetarian: My Five Top Tips


A few years ago, becoming a vegetarian was the last thought on my mind. I was a big meat eater and medium rare fillet, steak smothered in Coleman’s English mustard, was my favourite meal.

When I started to live a Lean Life I was inspired to undergo an eight-week liver cleanse  and everything connected to food changed. I won’t lie and tell you that fillet steak no longer tastes as great as it once did; nor do I have an overriding urge to protect the animals. Instead, I just don’t feel like eating meat anymore.

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