The Wine Taster’s Tale

Wine For One, Please

I have been ‘enjoying’ a drink since I was 15.

During Sunday lunch I was allowed one bottle of cider, as long as it was with the family and only at lunch.

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Top Ten Bad Habits That Cause Tooth Decay

Strawberry Milkshake
A guest post by Richard Buckley

Tooth decay occurs when sticky plaque attracts excess bacterial growth in the mouth, eroding tooth enamel and forming cavities, spreading tooth rot. Certain habits do contribute to tooth decay. Here are ten top habits to consider:

Missing dental check-ups

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Qi Activation

A guest post by Liza Lim

I spent my weekend at the Qi Activation workshop in San Diego, which was lead by Jeff Primark and his Qi Gong crew.  I received a postcard in the mail for the event and had made my decision to enrol after spending some time on their website and reading the testimonials that gave me the impression that miracles were about to happen.  The fact that I would receive credit towards my Continuing Education for massage therapy was certainly a plus.

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A Rose by Any Other Name

A guest post by Emma Haylett

Anthony Weiner has gone from respected leader to pitied family man to joke in what seems like an endless chain, most recently landing on the side of joke. In May of 2011, Weiner first sent an inappropriate photograph of himself via his Twitter account to a woman he had developed a relationship with. Admitting to such exchanges with six women over three years, Weiner was all apologies and congressional resignations. Huma Abedin, his new wife and former aide to Hillary Clinton, stood beside him through it all. In December of 2011, she gave birth to their first child, a son.

In July of 2013, allegations that Anthony Weiner had been behaving inappropriately surfaced again upon his announcement that he’d be campaigning for mayor. This time, accusations came by way of an anonymous 23 year old woman who spoke with The Dirty and soon—thanks to Buzzfeed’s outing and admitted slut shaming of the young woman—she was identified as Sydney Leathers.

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Guest Blog – How to Kick the Diet Soda Habit


When we give up one bad habit, a lot of us seem to take on another, albeit unintentionally in most cases. This is especially true in the case of diet soda. So many people take up the diet soda habit after they have realized how bad it is for them to drink regular soda and other sugary drinks. They think they are making a healthier choice since diet soda doesn’t have any calories or sugar.

However, there are a number of health problems associated with diet soda, and consumption can be habit forming. It is important to kick the habit if you want to protect your overall health and wellness. Here are a few tips for how you can kick the diet soda habit:

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Guest Blog Post – Cleanses To Kick Off Your New Habit Change

Cleansing is a smart and natural way to detoxify your body from microorganisms and toxins that are capable of starting and spreading disease. These toxins are released into our bloodstream when we eat fast or processed foods, drink soda or alcohol.

The good news is that there are several types of detoxes (or cleanses) that help rid the body of the junk we sometimes consume. By bringing the body back to a more natural state, cleanses can be a great way to train your mind to get you used to a new routine.

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Guest Blog Post – Breaking Bad Habits – Letting Go of Stress

31/365 - Stress.
They say fear is the mind killer, but stress will be the death of you. When an individual is stressed, they want to do more but do less. They feel like they need to work harder, but they are less productive because of it. It is backwards thinking, and it must be eliminated at its root. The first step in figuring out how to deal with stress is to get some perspective on what stress is.

Stress is a completely natural reaction to a dangerous situation. For example, if a hunter gatherer was searching for berries and runs into a tiger, they would immediately drop everything and deal with the problem at hand; they would run as far away as possible. This is simple to understand, and for the most part is a great tool in the psychological kit of human beings. However, this doesn’t translate well in the modern world.

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A Guest Post – Medicine to Curb Your Addiction

Alcoholism is a serious condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Once an alcoholic admits they have a problem, there are many ways they can go about curbing their addiction.

Some use medications prescribed specifically for that purpose, while in other cases people turn to natural remedies to help them stop drinking. Here are some of the most effective medications, and how they work to help keep addiction in check.


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On occasion, we all find ourselves at a crossroad, not quite sure which direction to take. We also sometimes find ourselves headed up a mountain, not quite sure what’s waiting for us on the other side. It’s difficult making decisions when you don’t know what’s ahead; it’s tough giving something your all when you’re not quite sure if it’s really worth it.

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