Plugged Into The System

Only people will change the system


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My Acne Makes Me Miserable

Squeezing only makes them angrier
I am around 5ft 7inches short, have ridiculously boring Chinese hair, have a rather large nose sculpted over the years by many fists and foreheads, a little pot belly and average wedding tackle. But despite looking like Mr. Average in the showers after a few widths of the pool, there is only one thing that I would change about my body – my skin.

I remember as a teenager crying to my Mum because these things just kept popping up all over my face, neck and back. I distinctly remember asking her how long this would go on for, and she told me that they would clear up naturally in a few years time. That was one piece of advice that my dear Mum didn’t get right, because at the age of 37 I still think I am going through puberty!

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Don’t Worry Today; Worry Tomorrow

As each person takes his seat I can feel myself getting angrier. I have moaned and groaned, all week, about the quality of the Internet connection, and yesterday I found a place where everything came together perfectly. The Internet connection was strong – enabling me to fulfill my potential  – and I went to bed feeling satisfied with my days work. Yesterday I was happy and today I am angry. Everyone has realised that I seem to be the only person with a working Internet connection. Like sheep they have followed me and now none of us can work. I know the only way of solving this problem is to go back from whence I came, but the sheep will duly follow.

At numerous times, this week, I have allowed my emotions to take over. Trying to complete a workload befitting several people is challenging enough, but a woeful Internet connection just exacerbates things. I screamed aloud several times in sheer frustration, causing people to stop tapping their keyboards and conversations while they stared at me. The eyes were on me for no longer than a second, but it seemed like minutes. At the time I didn’t care, but now I am sat wondering why? The occasional outburst is bad enough, but what if you allow the experience to affect your entire fortnight? Is that really a good use of your time? What about those who share your life – how are they affected?

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True Happiness This Way Lies

In the spring of 2009, I wrote my first ever piece of literature about poker called Managing Directors, Wardrobes and a $1.2k Loss. I sent it to five Editors of established poker magazines asking them if they wanted to publish my story. The story was a goal and that goal was to earn $45k through poker in a period of one year. This was not a goal based on just poker winnings but all forms of income earned through poker.

If you are regular readers of my monthly articles then you will know that I did not achieve my goal. However, one-year on from the time that I quit my goal I am achieving it. I am earning $45k through poker. Better late than never as someone famous once said.

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I Hate Exercise

When it comes to energy, life reminds me of the TV advert starring the Duracell Bunny. When I was a youngster I used up most of my energy playing football. I remember being 14-years of age and I would play for the under 14’s team on a Saturday morning, the under 16’s team on a Saturday afternoon and the adult’s team on the Sunday morning. I loved every second of every match and had the energy to accomplish even more. But alas even a Duracell bunny will run out of batteries at some point in time.

Fitness. If it came in a bottle, everybody would have a great body – Cher

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Why Am I So Miserable?

Heaven Knows I Am Miserable Now
This is not a statement of fact and instead merely a title that I believe is more likely to drag people in from Google – well at least I am honest! That being said, this is a blog post designed to address a plight that so many people suffer from – misery. There was a time when I was really miserable and I allowed far too much time to pass me by, before I asked the question WHY?

In a recent blog post The 5 Whys I outlined the process of identifying root cause as created by Sakichi Toyoda the founder of Toyota Industries. I mentioned in that post how I like to use business principles in my own personal life. I believe that personal continuous improvement is key to living a fulfilling life, and the 5 Why process will help you do that.

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Goals: Quarterly Goal Review / Miscellaneous

In my last blog post covering my quarterly review I go through my miscellaneous goals. This is the catchment area for goals that don’t fit into the other categories and are more aligned to my personal fun and enjoyment. Until recently I have always been a very materialistic person. As a house owner I invested large sums of money filling my home with the very best quality products that I could afford. By investing my money in this way, combined with my accumulating debt, I skimped on my personal experiences. Let me be clear, I have had a wonderful life and have been fortunate to experience amazing things, but I could have done so much more, not just for me but for my ex wife and child as well. I mean why spend £7,000 on a Bang & Olufsen stereo system when you can take the whole family to Disneyland?

If you are going to have a wonderfully fulfilling life then you need to learn from your mistakes. Make sure that you improve your standards and make smarter decisions every day. During my divorce I decided to drop my anchor. I let all of my personal possessions go. These days I feel lighter and less pressurised. I have started to learn from the past to create a better future. I now realise the power of experience over material goods. When my time comes I hope that I will be in bed surrounding by the people I love. Just before I close my eyes I hope that I can look back and remember a life full of experiences, instead of remembering how nice and shiny my Bang & Olufson stereo looked.

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Goals: Quarterly Goal Review / Learning

2011/365/49 Learning is Here

When I was a lamb, learning existed in two forms. The first was how to become a better footballer and the second was how to be academically educated. On the football field we were taught by coaches who had a passion and drive for the beautiful game. You could see it etched in every pore, here it echo in every word and sparkle from every action. Not only did they love the game but also they derived great satisfaction from watching you grow. In the classroom I remember the complete opposite; teachers, who felt they were underpaid, abused by children they were incapable of controlling and teaching the same rubbish year-in-year-out.

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Goals: Quarterly Goal Review / Career

When I left school my primary concern was creating funds to buy pints of lager and black. To do this I needed a job, and I remember applying for a few clerical positions before a friend’s misfortune shined on me. He had broken his arm and suggested that I approach his employer to take his place while he convalesced. I took his advice, his employer said yes and when the bone healed they kept me on and made my friend redundant.

A few months down the line and I was in school collecting my GCSE exam results when the Careers Officer spoke to me. We spoke about various career options and he advised me to apply for the British Railway’s Training Scheme. The weekly pay was £78 and that was all I needed to know. I applied for the job, got it and then left 19-years later after taking voluntary redundancy.

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Goals: Quarterly Goal Review / Writing

When I was younger my English teacher was called Mrs. Kingscott and I used to terrorise her so much, that when I was in my twenties I apologised to her when I saw her randomly in a supermarket. I have a lot to say about the standard of my education, but I reckon Mrs. Kingscott was a shining light in a cave of dark dross. I have no idea how I am able to write, but the foundation of that skill must come from the woman who used to cry in the evenings due to Lee Davy induced stress.

When I was in my late teens I would write love letters, poetry and song lyrics. I still have these scraps of paper in my draw, and in fact I forgot they even existed until I recently moved home. I also used to keep a diary in my youth. I remember burning them when I moved in with my ex-wife because most of the content centred on my sexual exploits. Why oh why did I burn those books?

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