Book 35 of 52: The Millionaire Mindset by Gerry Roberts


Why Did I Buy This Book?

I can’t remember who recommended this book, but I know I bought it during the summer of 2009. I had just read The Success Principles by Jack Canfield and Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, and had attended both of their training courses. It was during this time that I purchased quite a few books that focused on wealth and this was one of them.

Why Read it Now?

I would like to earn enough passive income to cover my annual expenses and one way of achieving this is to invest. I decided to go through my book collection to see if I had any books on investing, and generation of wealth, and this one told me to give it a shot.

Who is the Author?

Gerry Roberts, an author, public speaker and consultant who operates mainly in North America and Asia wrote the book. Roberts is a member of the, I had nothing and then earned a million bucks in no time, brigade that we read so much about.

For more information on Gerry Roberts visit his website at

The Formula

This book is a get rich at some time in your life scheme and like most of these types of books, it’s framework is taken directly from the principles of Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich. Roberts will teach you the following principles: –

A) Change the way that you think

B) Create better habits

C) Create goals

D) Manage your money

E) Creating a mastermind group

F) Time management

G) Sales

The first thing you will notice is the lack of innovation in those titles. But perhaps that’s because there really is only one tried and tested formula for success? Maybe Think and Grow Rich is the only book you need to own, if you wish to own the amount of money stored in the banks of your dreams? I for one am glad that people like Roberts do work on the foundation of Hill’s great and everlasting work. I don’t buy a book like this to create a foundation for success. I am looking for a few different ideas and inspirational words.

Did it Deliver the Value That I Expected?

Gerry Roberts managed to turn a tried and tested formula into something that I really enjoyed. There was never a time when I found myself aimlessly floating throughout the book. There are a ton of ‘to do’ actions and I really revel in these sorts of challenges. In fact, it is the actions that he advises that you take that will change your mindset from one of poverty, and sufficiency, to one of prosperity and wealth. Without the desire, belief and faith to go ahead and try some of the actions, the book doesn’t really deliver in terms of sheer inspiration and education.

I picked up the book to learn more about investing. I guess I should have read the back and front cover more intently because this is not a book about investing. It’s a classic self-help book.

Please Give me Something Different!

I no longer find the levels of inspiration that I need from the big shots of the self-help genre. I used to, and some of them have changed my life, but these days I need to connect with my author, and I just don’t connect with someone who has a billion dollars, even if they were once broken men and women. I don’t think they are good storytellers. They miss the part between being ordinary and getting that first break. I yearn for that, and search for it in every book I read. It is as elusive as a Jaguar.

But Roberts does offer a hand and I am going to try and reach out to it. Throughout various sections in this book Roberts urges you to contact him. He wants you to allow him to hold you accountable, he wants to encourage you and offer you guidance and support. This is what I want, the personal touch.

I can’t feedback yet on whether or not the hand that I touch will belong to Roberts, or whether it is just the Roberts machine trying to create more business, but I will. You can be rest assured about that.

My Highlights

Here are my two favourites quotes from the book: –

“It’s called take home pay because you would be embarrassed to take it anywhere else.”

“It’s sad that people who work for money their whole lives so often end up with little or nothing to show for their efforts.”

Like I have said previously there is a lot of projects for you to take on if you have the desire, belief and faith. Here are a few that I really liked and have decided to plunge into.

Write out your hearts desire for the next 30-days

This works on the premise of the Law of Attraction and I have decided to include this action in my Thinking Journal where I will complete it, with belief, each night before I get my head down.

Take one successful person to lunch each month

I did this in October and already have a dinner date planned for November. This is a great idea if you transcribe to the theory that you are the sum of the parts of the main five people that you spend your time with. Why wait for positive people to walk into your life and become your friends? Go out and get them instead.

Acquire 35-New Habits in the Next Two-Years

I really liked this project because it has a sensible timescale for completion. Too many self-help books promise you everything today, so it was nice to see something a little bit more realistic. I believe I am capable of achieving so much more because I have developed a habit of creating good habits. There is tremendous power and wonder hidden in the ability to achieve this. This is also a lot of fun. Find an accountability partner and do it together. Take my recent decision to undergo a Liver Cleanse Diet for example. That decision to change a habit has now resulted in a loss of weight, increased energy levels, and a great feel good factor and a new approach towards food and health in general – and it was fun!

What are your obstacles for success?

This wasn’t necessarily a new concept for me, but it was an area where I had been lacking in previous projects. You need to risk assess when creating change and ask yourself the question, “What is going to get in my way?” Then once you have answered this question you can build in counter measures aimed at reducing the risk. It’s a tremendous time saver if done correctly.

Multiple Sources of Income

Once again this concept is not new, but it did generate an idea that would create a successful habit. I have decided to set myself a target of achieving £200 additional income per month. It doesn’t matter where it comes from as long as you are not getting it today.

Oh Dear!

I don’t know why Roberts did this, but at the end of the book there seems to be a different book that has seemingly tagged along for the ride. Unfortunately, it is about as welcome as a little alien inside the belly of Sigourney Weaver. It’s aimed at suggesting that you write your own book, but the inclusion seems clumsy, not too mention the choice of colours on the paper make it impossible to read at night (golden and black).


The Millionaire Mindset by Gerry Roberts is a self-help book taken from the same mould as The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, and taken directly from the script created by Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich.

There is not a lot of innovation contained within the pages of the book, but it is chocked full of interested and exciting actions that could lead to a successful change of habits. Roberts also offers a personal touch by supplying his e-mail and asking you to contact him for help with parts of the education. It will be interesting to see what I get back in return when I start asking questions?

I can’t remember the price tag because I bought it so long ago. But I can recommend it as a good read, but only if you are a man or woman of action.

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