Book 26 of 52: The Liver Cleansing Diet by Sandra Cabot. MD.


One of my goals for this year was to grow my understanding of food and nutrition. As I grow older, my thoughts always seem to be dominated by food, diets and health. I assume it is because I am more aware of my own mortality, and want to prolong the inevitable for as long as possible. I have just returned from a holiday with my 11-year old son, and was startled by the lack of food he eats, and the paltry choice of foodstuffs he will even entertain as a possibility to pass his endlessly moving lips. I spoke to my mother about this, and she assures me that I was no different when I was his age. Amazing, considering I will eat virtually anything today.

I am also finding that my social circle consists of more and more people who are interested in being fit and healthy. Maybe it’s the new fad of the 21st century? Maybe I am just getting old? Whatever the reason, at 37-years of age, I am still being told that I am a mere pup, and so I still have time on my hands to make a positive and lasting change. This book was recommended by my girlfriend, Liza Lim, who has been studying the liver as part of her massage and wellness work at her company Revive Touch, and I am so glad that I have read it.

Did you know that the liver was the largest organ in the human body weighing, on average, 42-53 ounces? It is the gateway to the human body and holds the key to efficient metabolism, weight control, good health and longevity. Let me repeat that again.

It holds the key to efficient metabolism, weight control, good health and longevity

If the magical genie offered you these promises, who would turn them down? Readers of this blog understand that I am a great believer in root cause. Pulling out the roots is the only way of removing a weed, as chopping off the nasty looking heads means nothing. Like a Hydra, they just grow back. It’s a classic case of dealing with symptoms and not causations.

When investigating health and weight-issues the root cause analysis will very often lead to the liver. It is, after all, the major fat burning organ in the body, and overweight people are overweight because they have too much fat. Not everyone is as lucky as Cartman.

I am not fat; I am big boned

Cartman Toy
If you want to lose fat, then make sure you understand how the major fat burning organ in the body operates. It’s a great piece of advice, and one the schooling system could take on board. Or was I smoking behind the bike sheds during that lesson? By eating the wrong type of food, your liver will create more fat, but if you follow the diet created by Sandra Cabot. MD. then your liver will burn more fat. Not only will a fully functional, tip-top liver, destroy fat, but it will also cleanse your bloodstream. Just to put the icing on the cake, a healthy liver will also help you reduce depression and moodiness enabling you to laugh more. God knows we all need more of that! It was quite funny, this evening, as my moody, diabetic and overweight father walked into the kitchen with a cigarette hanging from his lip, and laughed at me for drinking a veggie shake.

“There is something wrong with you,” he said.

If he only knew the power he had within his own control to change his fortunes.

After all of the advice and learning come the recipes. This is an eight-week liver cleansing diet – a sort of MOT for the liver. I started it two days ago and here are my very early views on the diet itself.

1. Veggie Shakes

I am going to have to get used to this one. If you are forcing yourself to keep anything down, then there is always going to be a problem. I am assured that there are so many variations of the recipe that I will find one that I eventually like. I have faith in the veggie shake.

2. Cost

I would have liked to have seen a chapter on cost. The reason most people don’t stick to a healthy eating plan is because it costs so much bloody money. In my household I eat whatever my mother cooks, and it costs me zero pounds sterling per month. This weeks list came in at a whopping £122 and I have three-weeks to go. The reason I would like to have seen a chapter on cost is I believe I am going to hammer this figure right down. I have already started to notice that I have bought too many products and created a menu that is too diverse. I can cook a dinner and eat it spaced over several days for example. These things can put people off and this is why I would have liked to have seen it covered. There is no price on health…really?

Those are my only two beefs so far…except the beef my mother cooked today, of which I was unable to partake!

This book is recommended to anybody who has a liver. It is that important, that I am astounded that it is not taught in schools. Actually I am not astounded, just annoyed.

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    I do this once every two years.
    Nice article.

  2. You mean a good cold beer doesn’t cleanse the liver?………lol

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