Book 21 of 52: Radical Parenting by Brad Blanton


As a being that struggles with the need to be the one true, righteous voice; who shudders with the thought of losing control, I loathe it when I feel somebody has managed to pull the wool over my eyes. It creates distrust and an inharmonious relationship; relationships I try to avoid. Luckily, as I age I also develop the ability to forgive. Brad Blanton I forgive you for pulling the wool over my eyes.

When I read Radical Honesty I was rapturous with joy. The very reason I read books at all is because of the power of words. They have changed my life, opened my eyes and Brad Blanton was my new hero. Not only did he have a great story to sell but also the way that he sold it, the words that he used, resonated throughout every cell in my body. I was a desperate man. I was searching for answers and Blanton seemed to have some of them. As we connected he told me that he was working on another book called Radical Parenting. Did this man have David Copperfield like powers? How did he know what I was searching for? Thank you Brad Blanton for writing a book on parenting!

I searched the Kindle Store for Radical Parenting but there was no Kindle version available. Disappointment in the first step is never a very good sign. In the end I ended up buying a second hand copy and when it arrived I realised that somebody had stolen it from a library and sold it onto me. I am now busily searching for the library so I can return it. I am no saint but Blanton has made me radically honest. Had the book been better I may have turned a blind eye to the fact that in my hands lay a stolen copy. I may have kept it. In fact there is no may about it.

The reason I am so upset at Brad Blanton was the masses of repeated text that my eyes stumbled across during my Radical Parenting reading sessions. I devoured the book in three days and although I found a little bit of wonder, most of it was lost in lines and lines of text taken straight of the pages of Radical Honesty. I recently read a book that I haven’t reviewed yet because I found nothing of interest to discuss. It was Excuses Begone! By Dr Wayne W.Dyer and it came across as a repackaged piece of self-improvement bullshit. It was the same story told a million times over (something that sometimes frightens me into submission when I take pen to paper myself). But Blanton’s abuse was worse than Dyer’s because the words are repackaged from a product he has already sold. Safe to say I don’t think I will be reading anything else from Dyer, although I assume he is a highly talented man who has helped millions of people change their lives, actually, of that I have no doubt.

So I am afraid I will not be recommending this book for purchase. I believe you get all the value you need from Radical Honesty. Save your pennies and purchase something completely different. A new perspective, a new set of eyes – different words and lines of text! But the insatiable learner in me has still found a lot that I can take away and build upon. Blanton will be the one to blame when I have my next child and decided to home school him or her for example. His views on how children should be raised are radically different from the cultural norm, but it is a view I share. I don’t want to be the guy who always talks a good talk. I want action. He has also made me broody and understanding that I need to father more children before it’s time to see what happens when I die.

Brad Blanton is also going to be one of the people who influences me to become a better father for my son. I was watching my sister being a parent today, and as I did I had Blanton’s words swimming around in my head. She was driving herself into despair by worrying about every little thing that her child did. She could not relax, could not come to terms with the fact that this two-year old child would not do as she was told and didn’t know when it would all end. We have all been there. We have all cried from the rooftops about how dreadfully difficult parenting can be. But as I tried to prize away the Macaroni Cheese from my plate using the soap suds floating on the warm water, I watched her child in the garden from the sanctity of the kitchen. She picked up a few stones and declared to the world that she was looking for spiders; she had a cheese stick in one hand and a bottle of Vimto in the other. She sat down in the middle of her garden and just stared at the wall. After a while she got up and jumped into the freezing cold paddling pool before dumping her sodden body in the sand pit and exchanged the fulfilling cheese stick for handfuls of sand.

Parenting is a piece of piss. Well at least it is after reading Brad Blanton’s work. Just watch and let your children lead. They will tell you what they need from you in order to make them happy, but most of the time they are more than capable of managing it themselves. Why force-feed them cabbage and ice cream when they are happier eating sand and dirt? I think Brad Blanton will always be a positive influence on my life and I will always be indebted to him for providing me the wisdom that he has. Now I have written this all of my anger has dissipated and I now forgive him. I am going to try and return this book to the library from which is was stolen and then continue my search for more wealth and knowledge.

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  1. Thanks for an honest review. I agree as a writer we cannot be repackaging the same words and ideas and putting them out as a new book.

  2. Thanks for your candid review and I think a lot of the “life coaches” simply repackage their earlier products with a slightly new twist here and there. I know some of my favorite motivational authors have done this and I have been disappointed by their subsequent works.

  3. Lee,
    I review books for two review sites and freelance for friends and poeple who ask. It’s annoying, especially when reading the best sellers to se the same story again and again, with just the names and places changed–and I hate it when the big shot writers get other writer to ghost write for them since I can always tell by the way the style of wriitng changes. Our joib as reviewers is to tell it as it is and you did a great job of that!!

  4. Hi mate

    I’m 2 chapters in to Radical Honesty and I’m finding it hard work tbh. The language used is not easy reading though from what I’m understanding I do agree with. I will persevere as it is interesting, but probably 1 or 2 slowly read chapters per night max


    • Lee Davy says:

      Hi Coggy,

      I set myself a goal to read a certian number of pages per day (hard copy) or a number of chapters (kindle). Also take notes as you read. Let me know if you have any questions about the first few chapters and I will re-read them and discuss with you if it helps.


  5. Lovely book as always! I read the radical parenting book written by Brad Blanton is very cooperative for parenting advice for moms, dads and families to make together positive relationships with their generation, kids, teenagers and tweens. 🙂

    • Lee Davy says:

      Hi Shelly,

      It is a great book, of that there is no doubt, it is just not so great when you have already read Radical Honesty. Thanks for leaving a comment.



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