A Century

I am pleased, and proud, to announce that the Needy Helper is 100 days old today. 100 days ago I opened WordPress and wrote a blog post called I Am Going to Write 100 Consecutive Blog Posts. The blog post contained a commitment to my readers that I was going to provide them with content, every day, for the next 100 days. I have reached my first real milestone with this blog. I did what I set out to do as this is my 100th blog post.

So why did I set myself this goal?

If you have a blog of your own you will know that good quality content is a necessity if you want a successful blog. For me , the idea, of writing each and everyday for 100 days was a great way of providing good quality content. Another ingredient needed for a good blog curry is trust. I made a promise that I would achieve this goal and I am now true to my word. On a blog that sets out to provide inspiration for positive change, trust is everything.

So what next?

My next commitment is to release a blog post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If I feel like writing and publishing more I will, but I will start out with this schedule. In the background I am going to be working on some PDF’s that will be available to you as soon as possible. These PDF’s will be designed to help you create positive change in your life and I really hope you find them beneficial. I am also working on a very exciting book project for the Needy Helper and will be releasing the work here on this blog.

I need your help

During my 100-blog posts I covered a lot of topics and wrote in a lot of differing styles. Throughout that time 75% of readers arrived, looked around and never came back. That means that 25% of you keep coming back for more. It is to the 25% that I now ask a really big favour. I love receiving comments but only seem to get them from a few core people. For once only please can you all do me a huge favour and take five minutes out of your busy lives to give me one comment. I need to know what works for you? What was your favourite post and why? Why do you come back? What do you want me to write more about? What do you need that I am missing? What parts of my writing bore you or goes over your head? For people who are here occasionally or have just arrived – what do you think? Why don’t you read more frequently? Why do you keep flying away?

I just want to thank, each and every one of you, for taking the time to read my life and I am really proud of that fact. I make one last promise. If you keep reading, then I am going to keep on writing.

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  1. Congratulations! It feels good to reach a milestone in your life, doesn’t it? Just to know you had it in you to do what you promised is enough to keep you going to reach higher goals.

    Which post did I enjoy most? I don’t really think I can answer that one as I have enjoyed most of them. It’s too tough a choice to make.

    What do I like about your site? Well, I think mostly it’s your honesty, your willingness to make yourself vulnerable in order to encourage and help others achieve change and reach their goals. And the fact that you want to share your methods with others. This works for me. Also to watch you moving forward by your life-choices and your ability try change. Your faith that the change will happen and will work for you. And your belief that it will work for others.

    Keep up the good work. And all the best with your book. You can do it! And I know that you know it, too.

    • Lee Davy says:

      It has been great getting to know you through our comments 🙂 You are a wonderful woman Diane. I intend to keep writing and growing this blog. Thanks for being one of my fave readers. Lee

  2. Hey Lee,
    Well done on achieving the HUGE milestone of 100 daily blog posts!

    Saying your going to write 100 consecutive blogs is one thing but actually following through and doing the work day in day out, that takes some doing.

    Don Miguel Ruiz in the book the Four Agreements talks about being “impeccable with your word” and you surely are, the proof is this blog. As you know I have followed your blog and new life closely for over 18 months and have huge respect for what your achieving in difficult circumstances, if anyone could make excuses for not being productive its you, but you never make excuses and are relentless in making progress.

    You asked for your readers help so I’d like to comment honestly on what I feel about needyhelper.com

    What I liked about your original blog was your warts ‘n all approach to self development, we saw your flaws and imperfections and you bared your soul, you still do that to a degree on Needy Helper but I feel it has a more “preachy” feel about it, the “sleepwalkers” are the sinners and the “daydreamers” are the redeemed!

    I have found lots of useful tips on Needy Helper and some great books that I’m going to read but just feel that something that you had on the original blog is missing, what attracted me originally to your writing was the kind of “wise and witty best friend” style you have, it still shows up in this blog but not as much. What I’m trying to say is I haven’t enjoyed some as the blogs as much as I could have as I felt you were preaching and it just didn’t touch me…does that make sense?

    I loved the vblog you uploaded the other day it contained everything about you and your writing that I like, the warmth, the humanity, the soul. If you could bottle that!

    I’m already looking forward to your next post and I’ll continue to read and hope to comment more than I have recently.

    best wishes

    • Lee Davy says:

      Hi Neil,

      Thanks for your honesty.

      I understand what you are saying. I have a friend who used to follow my old blog religiously but won’t read my new one because he says it is too preachy. I have another friend who has told me that just recently he has noticed some changes in the blog post back to the way it was. As you know my ex wife got really upset about my old blog and didn’t like me sharing details of our time together. I think I get confused and am not sure what lines to cross when I write about my personal stories. So many of the lessons people can learn come from my marriage and maybe this is why my newer posts have seemed a little robotic and preachy. It’s almost as though I am unsure of my boundaries which I don’t like. As you know I prefer to just write about anything I choose.

      Good to see you back.


  3. Congratulations Lee!

  4. Congratulations, Lee! You amaze me. 100 blogs in 100 days – and well written, also. What an accomplishment. You are an inspiration. Go, Lee!

  5. Congratulations on a really big milestone Lee! I admire your commitment to this project and am really looking forward to continuing to follow your blog.

    I don’t tend to read any blogs out there religiously and there are only 4 that I can think of that I probably never miss a posting on. Only two of those are written by friends of mine and the other two are more ‘corporate or news’ based. All 4 are humour based though and I think that’s why I, as a reader, am so loyal to them. I like a bit of funny with my reading 🙂 And I almost never EVER comment on blogs even though I love getting them on my own writing. I’m not sure why that is but I’ll try to be a better reader in the future 🙂

    • Lee Davy says:

      Hi Kara,

      I really appreciate the fact that you have come to my blog and had a look around. I actually have a Google Reader that contains all of my favourite blogs and I spend two-hours per week going through them to read the posts that interest me. Unfortunately, over the past few weeks, nothing I have read has interested me. I am enjoying my book reading but not my blog reading.



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