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The Alcohol & Addiction Podcast Episode #41: Dustin Rudolph

Today, I am joined by Dustin Rudolph, a clinical pharmacist who in 2009 adopted a vegetarian diet before progressing to a whole food, plant-based vegan lifestyle. He is the author of The Empty Medicine Cabinet a book that shows you another path to health; one that begins with the food that you put on your plate and not the drugs you receive from your doctor. … [Read More...]

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The Alcohol & Addiction Podcast Presents Episode #40: Living With A Sex Addict

My guest today goes by the name of The Wife and is the writer of the blog, LivingWithASexAddict.com. Married for 25 years and a mother of two children, she first … [Read More...]

The Alcohol & Addiction Podcast Presents Episode #39: Laura Jones On How To Deal With A Partner Who Doesn’t Want To Quit

In this week’s episode Laura Jones of Blackbird coaching joins me to offer advice and insight for people who have quit alcohol and are having relationship … [Read More...]

The Alcohol & Addiction Podcast Presents Episode #38: Shannon Franklin

Episode #38: Shannon Franklin Welcome to the Alcohol & Addiction podcast, a place where I help people in need through thought provoking discussions, … [Read More...]

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This Naked Mind by Annie Grace, A Book Review

This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol: Find Freedom, Rediscover Happiness & Change Your Life: Volume 1 Click here to purchase Annie's audio program. … [Read More...]

Finding Ultra by Rich Roll, a Book Review

Rich Roll was a fat, middle-aged, overweight, alcoholic. Then he wasn't. He was a lean, middle-aged, endurance athlete who didn't drink alcohol. He is an … [Read More...]

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Traffic Lights

Traffic Lights The man is red signifying that we should stay. … [Read More...]

What do you see?

What do You See?   … [Read More...]

Plugged Into The System

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Alcohol Marketing is Destroying The Lives of Our Children

  My teenage son will drink alcohol when he is older. He told me so. I was angry. Not at my son. The anger comes from a sense of pity. He honestly thinks he has a choice to make. Being raised in the UK means you need cirrhosis of the liver to avoid drinking alcohol. … [Read More...]

How Commitment and Consistency Lead You Towards Alcoholism And Can Also Lead You Away

  The child lies in a pool of blood. People walk by and cast a look as if noticing an empty crisp packet. Shall I pick it up? They move on, evidently in the hope that someone else picks it up. The next person moves on. A furtive glance - a thought - inaction. By the time … [Read More...]