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The Alcohol & Addiction Podcast Presents: Laura Willoughby MBE

Laura Willoughby MBE is a consumer campaigner and has been a local councillor in Islington for the past 12 years. She was also the Chief Executive of the National Campaign for the Arts, Move Your Money and the Food Chain. In 2013, she quit alcohol. In 2015 she launched Club Soda, a place designed to help people change their drinking habits and provide that much needed … [Read More...]

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The Alcohol & Addiction Podcast: Remembering Hangovers

In Episode #17 of the Alcohol & Addiction Podcast Lee Davy talks about a 24-hr bug that led to him puking for the first time since his sober journey began and … [Read More...]


Ask Needy Helper Podcast Episode #6: “Why Do I Still Get That Urge to Drink?”

In this weeks Ask Needy Helper Podcast Richard Blakeborough from New Zealand wants to know: “Why after 3 weeks of not drinking do I still have the urge and then … [Read More...]


The Alcohol & Addiction Podcast Presents: Relationships and Roulette

In Episode #16 of the Alcohol & Addiction Podcast Lee Davy talks about the the difficulties of managing relationships post sobriety, inner talk around the … [Read More...]

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The Fast Diet by Dr Michael Mosley & Mimi Spencer, A Book Review

  This week's blog post in the Reviving Wellness Health Corner comes from Lee Davy. … [Read More...]

Russell Brunson

Dotcom Secrets: The Underground Playbook For Growing Your Company Online by Russell Brunson, A Book Review

  Do you want freedom? … [Read More...]

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Why You Need an Open Mind to Quit Alcohol

  I’m not jumping up and down with God written on my pom-poms. I was nine when my sister was dragged dead from my mother. I never asked why? I didn’t need to know. I knew whose fault it was. … [Read More...]

Can I Drink Alcohol in Moderation?

  I don’t feel pain as my head goes through the glass. I only realise I am bleeding when I look down and see blobs start to drop on my white Adidas. Not very RUN DMC now is it? … [Read More...]

Why Do I Drink Alcohol? Use Five Why to Find Your Answer

  A few weeks ago I asked you a question: WHY DO YOU DRINK ALCOHOL? Sorry for the dramatic capitalisation, but sometimes there is a lot of internal opposition to this question. Our body has a love/hate relationship with the poison. On one hand it knows it’s a … [Read More...]

Am I An Alcoholic?

I’m a former alcoholic. Yet if you were to ask anyone who knew me, during my drinking days, they would refute that. None of those people, friends or family, will agree that I was one. So, how do we determine whether you are an alcoholic? … [Read More...]

Why Do I Drink Alcohol?

  Why do I drink alcohol? A question I skirted around when I was a drinker. Most drinkers do. Ignorance is bliss. I drank alcohol because I chose to. An important realisation, but one that needs further mining, because your choice was heavily biased. Alcohol … [Read More...]

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